End of Level 2 Course Survey

Level 2: Be Slim Training Course Survey

We hope you've found massive value from Be Slim Training and that this is only the beginning of a new transformed you!

Please share your experience and satisfaction with Be Slim Training Trains your mind to be slim in three steps (Mind Over Matter/ Attitude and Mindset/ The Slim Factor). Your specific feedback helps us make the course better.

  1. What date did you begin level 1 of the course and how much did you weigh at that time?
  2. What date is it today and how much do you weigh now? How many pounds have you lost on QUAAD so far? 
  3. What is your goal weight and when do you anticipate hitting this?
  4. Are you still on QUAAD?
  5. How long do you plan on staying on QUAAD?
  6. Do you see the benefit of staying on it at a maintenance level for life? Would you be willing to do this - why or why not?
  7. Have the mental aspects of Be Slim Training (Step 1 thinking thin/ learned motivation and Level 2) helped you lose weight and stay on QUAAD? Do you plan on continuing to stay on QUAAD?
  8. Do you plan on continuing to use what you learned in level 2 to lose weight and train your body to be slim?
  9. Are you open to seeing if you can "slow" lose more weight after you've achieved your goal weight? 
  10. Did you participate in any private coaching sessions? If so, were they helpful? Why/why not?
  11. Do you think group coaching calls would be beneficial? why/why not?
  12. What are the top three things that you like/love about Level 2 Be Slim Training?
  13. Is there anything that we could have done better or differently to make this training more effective or helpful? Please be specific
  14. Was there anything that wasn't covered in this level training that you would've like to have seen included?
  15. Anything that was confusing? (Please be specific)
  16. Anything that you think should have been omitted from the curriculum? why?
  17. Any other feedback? Positive or negative we want to hear it and are grateful for your participation in the course and wish you many years of health, happiness and wholeness.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. By submitting this survey, you acknowledge that your feedback may be used as part of a testimonial so that prospective students can learn more about the course and how it might benefit them. 

If you’d like to provide a more formal written testimonial or do a video testimonial interview with Juhl, please contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

While the course is over, the relationship doesn't have to be. You can purchase private coaching sessions in the online shop and you also have lifetime access to the course. So be sure to bookmark the course and revisit any lessons as needed! We love you and we'll see you soon!

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